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E-design is a way to provide interior design services on a budget, regardless of your location. It is a simple and affordable alternative to our full-service, on-location, interior design package. The process begins once you send us photos of the space, the dimensions and a budget. We continue to refine your inspiration boards through one on one communication with a dedicated designer. In the end you will have a custom digital inspiration board with exciting suggestions for your project.

The final package will be fully accessible online and includes the design boards, floor plans, setup instructions, and a "smart" shopping list. This smart shopping list is an amazing tool that gives you one-click access to the vendors and suppliers of all the pieces in your design.

Once you submit the form, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours and will ask you to send any pictures you have of your space including any floor plans and measurements.


Virtual Disclaimer
Please keep in mind that all work completed virtually is not the same as in-person.  Advice can only be provided based on the images as they are provided.  Color selections, furniture sizes, dimensions, etc. should be double-checked or tested prior to any purchases being made.

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