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Born with the eye for design, Alejandra Nahouraii always has a vision for the beauty in living moments. She educated her vision with a degree in communications, graphic design.

Post college, Alejandra describes her career climb as an amazing journey of working travel that seasoned her passion with inspirations from global living, lifestyle, and culture. She can always be found in pursuit of building a vision for stylized spaces. As a result of vested passion, she empowers the client’s vision, on budget, with an elite repertoire of colored experience and an established network of partnerships. Pink Door Interiors was founded when her entrepreneurial spirit met her driving purpose and passion.

A storyteller at heart, Alejandra can execute a beautiful environment for those who want to personalize theirs. She truly enjoys helping her clientele create and design their office, home and/or any defining spaces. Whether it’s a small, intimate home or a corporate castle, Alejandra breathes life into every room and does it with a professional calm, class, and swag evoking spirit into celebrated spaces.

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Angelica is an expert in customer service and is always ready to help our clients bring their vision design to life. She works hand in hand with our lead designer and founder to source exceptionally quality goods while strategically developing effective relationships with agents, vendors and cross-functional partners.


"After all the interest from the Open House... no doubt it has to do with how well Alejandra staged the our home.  Thank you for making our home look so good!"
- Blake E , Home Owner

"Alejandra has a special gift to be able to translate the complex world of colors into amazing works of art. She can make a dull room bright and make other rooms shine with brilliance. The colors she selected for my painting job helped to sell my home faster. I was awed by the transformation of my home seen in new colors."
- Nathan C , Home Owner 

"Alejandra was referred to me by my cousin who is also a Realtor. Alejandra met me at the property and gave me a quote to stage my clients house. She was on time and very professional. On the day of the staging, the crew was able punctual and worked to get the staging done as quick as possible. Alejandra has impeccable taste and she knows what to put in the home to give the home warmth yet originality. I highly recommend Alejandra and Pink Door Interiors."
- Nicole V,  Realtor

"Alejandra and her team were critical to the success of my real estate transaction. I relied heavily on her experiences during the remodeling and staging of my townhouse. It was clear that Alejandra and her team cared deeply about the quality of their work. Alejandra's staging was extremely well received during the open house. I couldn't be any happier with Alejandra and her team work. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alejandra and her team again in the future. I highly recommend Alejandra and Pink Door Interiors."
- Yoshimi K, Builder 

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